Why choosing us?

a happy customer :)

Super speed

LimitSwap avoids web interfaces & Metamask and interact directly with Ethereum nodes. Therefore, your orders go through faster than any of the web based platforms.
Our bot speed on ETH with Singapore VPS server (not a fake)

No fees

Unlike other bots on the market LimitSwap has ZERO ADDITIONAL FEES.

Local & Secure

LimitSwap runs on your machine : everything is under your control.
Your private keys are kept on your computer, inaccessible by anyone else.
Don't worry, your private keys are encrypted with a password
Have a look at our "Security Tips" page

« Satisfied or your Money Back »

Unlike other bots, to use LimitSwap you need to hold $LIMIT utility tokens.
if you're not satisfied, sell back your tokens and get back your money!
Have a look at our "How to buy" page

Tell us what you want, we dev it

We're a small team and our dev is super fast
, so you can ask some changes / new functionalities and we'll answer you super quickly!
We have a very nice and responsive TG community, please come join us!

In a few words...

Thank you all, we love you guys