How to have the fastest bot?

Read this page to obtain the best results from our bot

What is a node?

To make fast BUY and SELL orders, the bot needs to check the blockchain very quickly.
To do so, it needs to get the latests transactions --> this is done by interacting with a "node"
There can be 3 kinds of nodes :
Kind of node
Pros and cons
Public node (= RPC)
Public address : everybody can connect to this node
Rented private node
Some companies host their own nodes and provide you a link to access it, such as : or
Their nodes are faster than Public nodes, because it's shared with less people, and you can choose their location.
But you need to pay (not that much) for it.
​➕Faster than public node
➕You can choose the location
​​➖ Still not the best speed
Run your own node
If you have enough skills, the best is to host and run your own Private Node
By doing that, you have your own node, accessible only by you, and you can run LimitSwap and Sniper on the same server, giving you the best speed. But you need a very powerful server to do it (expect to pay more than 100$ / month)
Here is a tutorial for BSC
➕fastest speed
​​➖ difficult
➖ expensive

Is my internet connection important?

Computer spec is not very important for our bot, most important is good internet connection with good ping :
The computer/server running the BOT must be as close as possible from the NODE

What are our default nodes, and where are they located?

Read below for details about the default nodes provided by our team if you use CUSTOMNODE = false.
Default node
RPC (= Public Node)
Virginia, USA
RPC (= Public Node)
Seems to be on Amazon WebServices (AWS)
Seattle, USA
RPC (= Public Node)
Seems to be on Amazon WebServices (AWS)
Virginia, USA
RPC aggregator to find best speed auto (read this)
Depends on
your location
Seems to be on Cloudflare, Inc.
San Francisco,
California, US

Do I need a dedicated node?

If you use Sniper Bot, yes, it's strongly advised to use a private node
Our default nodes are shared with other customers, so it won't give you results good enough.
With LimitSwap bot, it depends: - With default nodes, you'll already have some pretty good results (buying on block 2 after liquidity on BSC : - But if you really want the best speed, and to have a 100% reliable node, yes, we advise you to setup a Private Node.
If you want to setup a private node, you can contact @zdarfa on Telegram, he's our "official node provider"
- reliable service - super fast speed - lots of security advices - reasonable prices --> You can trust him
Contact :

Should I use a VPS?

YES ! the team recommends you to use a VPS Using a VPS is in our opinion the best way to use LimitSwap, because it is : - Super secure (you start from a clean Windows install) - Super fast (you can choose their location and they have really good internet connection) - Up 24/24 As written above, it's important to have a VPS close from your node --> we recommend to contact @zdarfa and to see with him which is the best VPS to use for that