Have you ever dreamed to buy the dip automatically ?
LimitSwap is now able to make you buy the dip automatically

How to use

1/ Select BUY THE DIP mode with one of this value
"SELECT_MODE": "buy_the_dip"
2/ Set your parameters :
"BUY_THE_DIP_PARAMETERS": "70.5%---20.5%-25.5%"

How does it work ?

Example with "BUY_THE_DIP_PARAMETERS": "70.5%---20.5%-25.5%" :
1/ Bot starts monitoring the token All Time High (ATH) price in real-time
2/ when it detects that price has dipped under 70.5% of the ATH price, the "BUY THE DIP" option starts to work and wait for the dip to end --> it records the All Time Low (ATL) price in real-time
3/ If the price raise 20.5% above the ATL --> bot BUYS
4/ But if the price suddenly raise 25.5% above ATL --> price is too hight, bot won't buy
--> it will allow you to buy 20.5% above the dip price 💰 💰 💰

Example with "70.0%---20.0%-25.0%"