Sniper Bot Setup Guide 🛠️

When to use Sniper bot?
Sniper bot will only detect NEW Liquidity Add Events in Mempool: liquidity already added won't be detected --> use it only to snipe new tokens launches
Info There is no BUYPRICE with Sniper : it buys at the price specified by the team when they add liquidity --> BUYPRICEINBASE has been removed from tokens.json

1/ First steps

Prerequisites :
Our bot works with 2 json files :
  • settings.json
  • tokens.json

2/ Configure your settings and tokens

Do NOT enter your wallet address / private key manually. You will enter it in the bot's windows, when you run it for the first time.
Enter your private node in settings.json
"CUSTOMNODE": "(parameter of your custom node)",
Select your Exchange
"EXCHANGE": "pancakeswap"
"EXCHANGE": "uniswap"
Select the mode with one of this value
"SELECT_MODE": "buy_only"
"SELECT_MODE": "buy+sell"
"SELECT_MODE": "buy+trailing_stop"
"SELECT_MODE": "pinksale"
Available values
Sniper will only BUY, and never try to sell
After having bought the token, Sniper will sell it, just like LimitSwap
After having bought the token, Sniper will sell it with TRAILING STOP MODE, just like LimitSwap
If you want to snipe a token coming from a Pinksale listing (Sniper will snipe when liquidity is added to Pancake through a "Finalize" Tx)
Set your liquidity pair --> no need in Sniper
One difference to notice : Sniper bot is able to detect which liquidity pair was used by the team, and buy accordingly !
Example: Team adds liquidity in BUSD for LAMBO token --> Sniper bot will buy with BNB > BUSD > LAMBO route
Set your other parameters
The other parameters are similar to LimitSwap bot : check the dedicated page