How it works❓

Read below to understand how our Sniper mempool bot works
Our new Sniper bot is a Mempool Bot. We are the only bot on the market who provides this kind of service : this is state of the art technology
To understand what is a Mempool bot, read below :

What is the difference between LimitSwap and Sniper bot?

LimitSwap is a "classic" bot It scans the blockchain for liquidity and price check
Limit Orders
Sniper is a "mempool bot" This is same technology than front run bot,
it is the fastest technology available
Sniping for advanced users
In short term :
If you run your own Private Node, you can buy in the SAME BLOCK where liquidity is added
Here is a proof on the 2 Tx in same block:


In blockchain terminology, a mempool is a waiting area for the transactions that haven't been added to a block and are still unconfirmed. This is how a Blockchain node deals with transactions that have not yet been included in a block.
Front-running is the “act of getting a transaction first in line in the execution queue, right before a known future transaction occurs.”
Mempool bot
A mempool bot is a bot able to scan this waiting area, so as to be able to buy a token as soon as liquidity is added --> in the same block
Front-run bot
A front-run bot is a mempool bot, but configure to "sandwich" your transaction. When it detects your transaction in the mempool :
  • It buys a lot of tokens right before you, to make the price rise
  • YOU buy at a very high price
  • It sells this tokens he just bought, and make benefits

Can I use Sniper bot with default nodes

Short answer is : NO
If you want good results on Sniper Bot, you need to use a private node (or at least rent your own node on Quicknode).
  • RPC nodes often detect bots scanning mempool and block them
  • RPC nodes are slow and will not give you good results
  • Some RPC nodes do not allow you at all to scan mempool
Read this page for more infos.
If you want to setup a private node, you can contact @zdarfa on Telegram, he's our "official node provider"
- reliable service - super fast speed - lots of security advices - reasonable prices --> You can trust him
Contact :

Do I need to use Sniper Bot to snipe new listings?

No, don't worry, LimitSwap bot is plenty fast enough to snipe listings
I you want to try our bots, the team advise to:
  • Start with LimitSwap, to get used to sniping and get the right reflexes.
  • When you're used to it, upgrade to 100 tokens and use Sniper bot