What do I need to have the fastest bot?

Should I use the bot if token has "anti-bot protection"?

What Operating System do I need?

Currently, LimitSwap works only on Windows.
If you're using a Mac, please use Parallels Desktop, or rent a VPS (read this page)

How to Export your Private Key?

Read this:

Can I use this bot with Trust wallet?

LimitSwap needs your private key to create its super fast orders. You will need to export your private key, but TrustWallet does not let you do that.
You need to switch to Metamask, and export your private key following this tutorial.
Remember our Security Tips : don't use your main account with LimitSwap and create a separate wallet dedicated for it.

Can I buy $LIMIT token on BSC (Pancake)?

There is no BSC $LIMIT token : only ETH.
By buying our ETH token, you can trade on every blockchain! So you're a winner here

Can I use 2 instances of the bot at the same time?

simply copy/paste the bot folder and run the 2 bots.

How to update my bot?

  • Download the new version
  • Copy your tokens.json and settings.json files from your old version
  • Replace it in the new folder
Be careful to check if the .json files format did not change (we'll tell it in the Release Notes). In this case please respect the new format.

Get alerts when bot makes a transaction

If you want to get alerts when your bot makes a transaction, we simply recommend you to track your wallet with a Telegram Bot.
Personally, I use @EtherDROPS_bot : it works with ETH and BSC, and it's very easy to use and super fast. Whenever a transaction is made, you'll receive a Telegram notification ! Try it