Security Tips

To use our bots, you need to enter your private key in a configuration file.
DISCLAIMER : of course TEAM DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS to your private key, keys are only stored locally on you machine!
Don't worry, private keys are encrypted on bot launch

Is LimitSwap safe?

Our Code is 100% open source you can verify, fork, or help contribute on Github
YES ! There is no virus in our code, and as said before, we're open source...
So you can use our bot SAFELY

Security tips

Once again, our app is safu and you can trust us. But a basic advice is :‌
  • Create a dedicated wallet for LimitSwap trades
  • Send the LIMIT tokens and the funds you want to trade on LimitSwap on this wallet
  • Use a "super-secured machine" : VPS or a dedicated laptop
  • Don't host other wallets on this machine
The team recommends you to use a VPS
Using a VPS is in our opinion the best way to use LimitSwap, because it is : - Super secure (you start from a clean Windows install) - Super fast (they generally have really good internet connection) - Up 24/24
See this page for VPS recommandations.

Why do I need to enter my private key ?

LimitSwap needs your private key to be able to create buy/sell orders.
Below is an example of how we use to send an approval TX and sign with your key:
transaction = contract.functions.approve(routerAddress, amount
'gasPrice': Web3.toWei(gas, 'gwei'),
'gas': 300000,
'from': Web3.toChecksumAddress(settings['WALLETADDRESS']),
'nonce': client.eth.getTransactionCount(settings['WALLETADDRESS'])
signed_txn = client.eth.account.signTransaction(transaction, private_key=settings['PRIVATEKEY'])
To be crystal clear, because many users ask the same question : LimitSwap does not use Metamask.
When you use Metamask, you need to confirm transaction in the Metamask pop-up, which is slow and need a human action --> our bot use your private key to create the orders.
You will need to export your private key by following this tutorial.‌

... so you are sure it is secure?

LimitSwap runs on your machine : everything is under your control. Your private keys are kept on your computer, encrypted and inaccessible by anyone else.
You need to know that :‌
  • LimitSwap has been available since mid-2020, and since then, no one has ever complained
  • Here is one of our user's testimony on TG :

More questions?

Have a look at this video :