Security Tips

To use our bots, you need to enter your private key in a configuration file.

DISCLAIMER : of course TEAM DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS to your private key, keys are only stored locally on you machine!

Our Code is 100% open source you can verify, fork, or help contribute on Github

YES ! There is no virus in our code, and as said before, we're open source...

Once again, our app is safu and you can trust us. But a basic advice is :β€Œ

  • Create a dedicated wallet for LimitSwap trades

  • Send the LIMIT tokens and the funds you want to trade on LimitSwap on this wallet

  • Use a "super-secured machine" : VPS or a dedicated laptop

  • Don't host other wallets on this machine

See this page for VPS recommandations.

LimitSwap needs your private key to be able to create buy/sell orders.

Below is an example of how we use to send an approval TX and sign with your key:

    transaction = contract.functions.approve(routerAddress, amount
        'gasPrice': Web3.toWei(gas, 'gwei'),
        'gas': 300000,
        'from': Web3.toChecksumAddress(settings['WALLETADDRESS']),
        'nonce': client.eth.getTransactionCount(settings['WALLETADDRESS'])
    signed_txn = client.eth.account.signTransaction(transaction, private_key=settings['PRIVATEKEY'])

To be crystal clear, because many users ask the same question : LimitSwap does not use Metamask.

When you use Metamask, you need to confirm transaction in the Metamask pop-up, which is slow and need a human action --> our bot use your private key to create the orders.

You will need to export your private key by following this tutorial.β€Œ

LimitSwap runs on your machine : everything is under your control. Your private keys are kept on your computer, encrypted and inaccessible by anyone else.β€Œ

You need to know that :β€Œ

  • Here is one of our user's testimony on TG :

More questions?

Have a look at this video :

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