LimitSwap, a DeFi Trading bot for ETH, BSC, AVAX, MATIC, FTM & KCC
LimitSwap bot and Sniper bot are written in Python to help traders :
  • Snipe new tokens at listing
  • Place Limit Orders
  • Create fully automated strategies

How are LimitSwap and Sniper better than other bots?

We decided to build LimitSwap and Sniper different, 100% in Python & FAST.
By avoiding web interfaces & Metamask and directly with Ethereum & EVM Nodes and route your orders faster than any of the web based platforms. This created a more advanced ecosystem that allows tokens to be added at a moments notice as well as leaving the strategy possibilities endless for third party developers.
Our Bots use a custom wrapper to talk directly with each exchange's smart contracts DIRECTLY, this enables us to have the fastest through put possible. We also utilize to sign and make calls to these contracts. All of this is done LOCALLY on you machine. We NEVER have access to read your private keys.

What is the difference between LimitSwap and Sniper bot?

Technology used
LimitSwap is a "classic" bot, It scans the blockchain for liquidity and price check
Limit Orders
Sniper is a "mempool" bot This is same technology than front run bot,
it is the fastest technology available
Sniping for advanced users
Sniper Bot will buy before LimitSwap bot
​Read this page for more information about mempool technology and Sniper Bot

Our bots works with:


How to setup my bot?

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