Setup Guide

Step #1 - Create New Account

Use one of the links below to create a new account to be used with the bot. This helps keep the bot free, if you need to make a new account we highly recommend it or we will someday have to start charging to keep developing.

Binance Futures: Bybit:

We recommend using a VPS so your bots can have a near 100% Uptime, this is very important if you care about you funds.

Please also note that a 2+ GB of RAM Windows VPS is recommended as the bot will run best there and it is the most easy to access and setup!


Step #3 - Install Node JS:

Step #4 - Install PM2:

Step #5 - Update PM2:

Follow Guide Here:

Step #6 - Grab the Latest Release

Step #7 - Licence Keys:

To use the bot use the bot with Bybit you need to use our link below to create a new account then DM @Cryptognome in Discord to be manually verified.

  • For Binance Futures use ALPHA for free access.

  • For Bybit use your Bybit UID after registering with us.

Step #8 - Edit the Settings Files or use LHPC GUI


Step #9 - Edit coins.JSON:


Step #11 - EDIT your Start & Stop Files to match the directory where your bot now lives:

Follow this quick video guide to see how it is done.

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