Bot Settings Explained


This is the where you choose what exchange you want the bot to run on.


bybit, binance


This is where you enter your API KEYS from your exchange of choice, make sure that you enable trading & enable futures if you are using binance.


key = 'API KEY HERE'
secret = 'API SECRET HERE'


Toggle this True/False to enable automatic position sizing based on your balance.


auto_qty = True


Use a percentage value here to be used the auto_qty setting, this will tell the bot how much of your balance to use for each buy. This bot can be very aggressive on big moves so you want to make sure you account for a multitude of buys/sells to come through at any given time.

We recommend using a value of less the 0.25 here, higher than that is considered VERY AGGRESSIVE if you would like to run more conservative lower this value.


percentBal = 0.1


This is the maximum position you want the bot to build in %, this is good to use if you want to prevent your bot from using your entire account on one position for risk management or if you run multiple bots on that account


maxPosition = 20

longQty & shortQty

if auto_qty = False set override value here otherwise ignore these settings, this is for the user that want to set an exact qty of their buys and sells. This value is a percentage of your balance.


longQty = 0.1


Set this on exchange to ISOLATED then make it match below to help calculate order sizing.

Suggested leverage for this bot is 3-5x, please note with higher leverage this bot becomes more risky.


leverage = 5

Take Profit & Stop Loss

Take Profit & Stop Loss Values, these values are a percentage % and are based off your average entry price. Please Adjust to your risk levels. Take Profit is a LIMIT - REDUCE ONLY ORDER STOP LOSS is a active MARKET ORDER that is not placed in the books. To disable set the Stop Loss amount at a high value ex: stop_loss = 500


take_profit = 0.55
stop_loss = 20

Dollar Cost Averaging

This is a new feature in testing for Bybit ONLY. This allows the bot to view the bots draw down when in an open position and adjust the buy qty in REALTIME when there is a liquidation. There are two things this looks at, one your current level, ex: levelOne = 2. This is a percent value, if your position is less than this it will use the autoQty value to make a buy/sell on liquidation. If it is past this value, lets say the position -2.5% away from your average entry it will then use multiplierOne value and multiple you autoQty value by this. So lets say your normal buy was 100 contracts, your multiplierOne = 2, your new buy value would be 200 contracts. So to recap your level is % value away from your average entry in drawdown that it will activate a higher order size. Your multiplier is the value you multiple your original qty with.


levelOne = 2
levelTwo = 3
multiplierOne = 2
multiplierTwo = 4


For Bybit:

Go to your account and copy your UID then Direct Message @CryptoGnome#7769 to be added to the auth server, you must use our link to create your account

For Binance Futures:

Use the Code 'ALPHA


auth = 'ALPHA'

Discord Webhook Notifications

POST NOTIFICATIONS TO DISCORD CHANNEL, ENTER THE WEBHOOK ADDRESS FROM CHANNEL SETTINGS HERE. You must make a new discord server for your self, make a channel, right click the channel and copy the webhook address to paste below.


discordwebhook = "Use Webhook Address here if you want to recieve alerts"

Special Settings

These are settings you should not touch unless you want to do specific functions with the bot

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