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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I check the logs?
The most recent application logging is available in the following file:
where yyyy = year, mm = month, dd = day. The log file can be found in the logs directory from the Lick Hunter root folder.
Search for 'ERROR' keyword to look for possible issues.
Where do I get the latest release?
To get the latest release, go here.
I want a new feature, how do I send request?
To request a new feature, raise a new request here.
How do I configure Lick Hunter Server to run multiple instances?
To run a separate instance of Lick Hunter Server, change the server.port in to a different value
How do I change settings using Telegram?
Use command /settings <settings name>
Example: /settings settings1
I changed web-settings.json and query.json, do I need to restart the java? No. Lick Hunter Server will automatically detect these changes. However, changes in requires restarting the application.